Witnesham Wander: Wednesday 24th January

Text contributed by Bess the IOG cockerpoo; pictures by Robin; route by Lou.

Peter led an excellent walk on a sunny day from near the Barley Mow public house in Witnesham. I was very excited as I inspected the walkers and made sure they were all ready for their walk. A good number gave me cuddles and strokes as I waited for Peter to start the walk. We started out on the Fynn Valley Walk path and passed some very large woolly animals called ‘llamas’. They did not give me any strokes or cuddles.

We entered Tuddenham and then walked across in a loop towards Westerfield. We had a nice break when I had lots more strokes and cuddles. Unfortunately, unlike a couple of weeks before, nobody dropped a pork pie for me to quickly gobble up. I had to eat it – it is important to follow the countryside code and not leave any sign of our presence behind!

We then walked towards Henley along Green Lane, although I felt that they should consider renaming it Mud and Water Lane during the winter. It is a lovely path with overhanging trees along most of its length. Peter had planned to cut across to our Witnesham starting point but the field was too muddy. So we took a small detour and entered Witnesham through Witnesham Thicks and bypassed Witnesham Hall.
All in all, a really delightful walk of a little over 7 miles, surprisingly close to Ipswich, on a really nice day. Many thanks to Peter for organizing the walk and to Lou for sending out the emails. I hope to see more of you on the Wednesday walks.

Bess the IOG cockerpoo

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