Sunrise off Felixstowe – Saturday 29th January

Text contributed by Christina, pics by Anni.

Saturday’s sunrise walk in Felixstowe marked the fourth in a series and was firmly written in my diary. I have witnessed numerous beautiful sunsets, and watching it rise was on my list of important things to do in life. I am not an early bird, the idea of leaving the warmth and comfort of my bed at 6am proved a challenge, but we made it in good time for the sunrise at 7.30am.

Seven of us met Julian in front of the Fluyder Hotel, before heading off along the seafront towards the Felixstowe-Bawdsey ferry whilst watching this amazing colour display unfold in front of our eyes. Listening to the endless thunder of breaking waves made me think how nice it would be to live in this part of Suffolk and be able just to pop outside to walk along the deserted promenade and take in the stunning sea view. The beach between the wave breaks looked pristine this time of the year, with only a few dog walkers and fresh air enthusiasts about.

This circular walk of around 6 miles finished at Ruby’s Cafe on top of the cliff, at the end of the High St., where Julian invited people to join him for a cooked breakfast. Julian’s sunrise walk felt like a great way to start the weekend and to meet some new faces. There are some hopeful signs it won’t be the last of its kind, so please watch this space.😊