Walking St Cuthberts Way – Saturday 22nd-Sunday 30th April

Day Fourtext contributed by Kearton, pics by Alan B.

Day four of the Outdoor Group trek sees the team taking a rest day. They are occupying a private hostel called ‘Walkers Walls’, rather more than a stone’s throw outside Wooler, for two nights. On this rest day, a variety of tasks are undertaken as a break from the week’s exercise:

an early morning swim, reading, a self-guided tour of the town, shopping, raiding the local geo-caches, washing clothes, trying to persuade a walking boot to be more compliant by hitting it with some stones, walking the part of the route that had been omitted yesterday because it was closed along with a bit more of the local landscape, treating a head injury received from an errant drunken door post, watching a Sandra Bullock / Channing Tatum film about a Lost City at the local community church hall, an afternoon swim, and a visit to the smart new Anglo-Saxon museum – ‘Ad Gethrin’ – next to the distillery (purely coincidentally of course). But enough of OGLs[1] exploits. The others may have done things as well.

The day was rounded off with an excellent veggie chilli plus chocolate fudge cake and apple strudel dessert made by the chefettes, Pauline and Vicky, followed by a slightly drunken version of ‘Guess People’s First Record[2] Purchase’.

[1] OGL – our glorious leader.
[2] For those of you under 30, a ‘record’ is an early, hard plastic song holder.