Anne’s Thurston to Bury walk – Saturday 25th November

Doggerel contributed by Lou; pics and Lou

Anne announced in advance that Saturday’s walk was ‘shamelessly based on my other half Lou’s walk that took place on 16th September’ – to comprise a linear trek from Thurston to Bury St Edmunds, but only 5 miles (approx) this time. The walk officially ended at the Tourist Information Centre next to the cathedral in Bury town centre, leaving people free to explore the Christmas Fayre/visit local hostelries/return to Ipswich, as preferred. Perhaps the thought of the crowds at Bury Christmas Marketsput people off, however, because, as Lou’s record of the event has it, turnout was unusually low.

The train to Thurston was full to the brim.
A squash and a squeeze and away we go.
Only the three of us met for the walk.
Anne Rawcliffe and me and our new friend Joe.
T’was bright and cold on the walk to Bury.
The sun it did shine and the wind did blow.
The Christmas Fayre it was way too busy.
Star Wars was in evidence – ho ho ho.
And therefore we did retire to the pub.
We chatted some more and the drink did flow.

[Poetic licence used for our new friend’s name – he came along to meet some members of the group; hopefully he will meet more people next time]