Christina’s Claydon evening amble – Friday 7th June

Pics and story contributed by Christina

The forecast for Friday looked really grim, and I was wondering if anybody would have the nerve to turn up. At around 6pm, Glen called me at work in despair – a lorry had overturned at Copdock roundabout and the traffic had come to a grinding halt. The accident happened on a bridge, two thirds of the lorry were overhanging and were at risk of falling onto the dual carriageway below with probably fatal consequences. It now looked as if I would miss my own walk.

However, we made it to the starting point in the end, and 5 of us had a lovely walk and a mainly sunny evening. The scenery around Claydon and through Shrubland Park is very lush and varied. There is a high chance of spotting a large group of deer in this area although this time we only saw one grazing in the far distance. Some of the paths lead us uphill and offered great views onto Great Blakeney with its imposing Recycling Plant. Some people had visited the site with Jacqui in the past year.

As it is the tradition on my walks in this area, we had a drink and a giggle at the cheap and cheerful Hungry Horse Pub. Here, Florence was entertaining us with her life stories which would make Eastenders proud.