Clare’s and Paul’s BBQ event – Saturday 13th August

Text contributed by Christina, pics by Titus and Stela

The heatwave was expected to continue into the following week and Saturday and Sunday were forecast hot and dry so Clare and Paul made a spontaneous decision to seize the moment and cordially invite IOG members to a BBQ in their leafy garden in north Ipswich. The first of the 22 guests arrived at around 1pm and comfortably seated themselves in and around gazebos to avoid the worst heat and sunburn, since the temperature rose to 32 degrees – although with the breeze and shade and good conversation it seemed cooler than that.

Paul and Clare had asked their guests to bring a tipple and something for the grill while they provided delicious salads, rolls and condiments and also a selection of desserts – with some guests contributing.

We enjoyed a truly lovely afternoon in their spacious and beautiful garden, with Paul working very hard indeed, attending to the BBQ until everyone had their items cooked.

I would like to say a big thank you to both of them for their generous hospitality in keeping us all fed and watered until well into the evening.