Conservation Challenge Part 2: Friday 23rd February

Text contributed by Andy; pictures by Andy and Piers.

Five IOGers took part in this volunteering session at Shotley, on the bank of the River Orwell, helping to make up a contingent of about 12 people.

The original plan was to erect fencing, but the field to the site was too boggy to get the fencing there, so we resorted to plan B: a litter pick.

Armed with litter pick claws and bags, we made our way along the shore picking up a plethora of detritus, ranging from bits of plastic to a vehicle tyre. A range of historical objects were also found including a piece of pottery, which was proposed as being possibly Roman, an old smoking pipe, and a Saxon pottery shard.

Although the day started cold and blustery, the sun soon came out with its warmth, which made the views up and down the estuary and across to the Felixstowe docks even more enjoyable!