From Framlingham to Ufford – Saturday 1st September

Pics contributed by Christina inter alia; text by J. Bradbury.

An assemblage of 14 IOGers completed the punishing trek across the hills and prairies of Suffolk from Framlingham to Ufford in blazing sunshine. The distance was verified by technology as 21 miles which is much closer to the target distance than is usual (or expected) and a total ascent of 222m – impressive for Suffolk. There were two necessary diversions (aka mistakes) which presumably account for the extra mile.

Despite the leisurely pace, extra extended stops had to be introduced so as not to arrive at the pub too early which makes a pleasant (if inexplicable) change.

The triumph was celebrated with a dinner of jaw-dropping pub cuisine and alcohol at the Ufford Crown and, as is now customary (or should be), the posse plied the leader with drinks.

No injuries to report. However, a mutinous undercurrent was apparent when some members attempted to pervert the plans by usurping the leader’s authority and taking a poll on an alternative route from pub to station. This is unacceptable behaviour (alcohol obviously a factor) and was stamped on immediately. Ringleaders noted.