Kersey to Hadleigh Walk – Sunday 30th September

Report and pics contributed by John W.

A brief report on this walk, “led” by the intrepid Ian Robinson.

25 had reported keen to join this 7.5 or 8-mile walk. By 10.30, 12 had made it to the start point, the lovely Bell pub in picturesque Kersey and we set off in the direction of Hadleigh along narrow paths, briar and bramble, a ploughed field, quiet paths and roads. We were blessed with warm sunshine for the first several miles, with the peace only occasionally interrupted by the sound of a light aircraft or a startled bird and more often by laughter and chatter from the group.

Our thoughts were never far from our responsible friends who were missing out due to an IOG first aid course.

The bookies’ odds on 12 returning together were generous and as we gathered for a sit down and bite to eat half way 10 of us were there. That’s 85% so more than a pass mark.

The return leg was a little chillier and there was even talk of rain so the pace quickened, possibly also due to the thought of a drink back at the Bell. Guided by the church landmark the complete dozen actually arrived back together, safe and sound and enjoyed the refreshments on offer at the pub.

A very nice walk with very nice people who politely tolerated me photographing everything and everyone.

Thank you to Ian for organising the day and taking our constant ribbing with good humour.