Parkrun Volunteering – Saturday 28th October

Text and pic contributed by Christina

Nearly 200 people of all ages took part in Saturday morning’s Ipswich Parkrun in Chantry Park in glorious autumnal weather. Our Volunteering Coordinator Peter Thorpe had successfully cajoled and assembled 17 IOGers to marshal and administer the Parkrun, providing a great opportunity to publicise and improve awareness of the outdoor activities that IOG membership offers. It was a very successful event and enjoyed by all of us who volunteered for the various roles to make the Parkrun a success.
Some, but not all, of the IOG contingent are pictured above.

For some of us, it made a change from actually participating in the weekly Parkrun ourselves. Maybe more IOG members might like to join us every Saturday in future Parkruns? Usually we’re at Chantry Park, but sometimes at Felixstowe seafront or Rendlesham Forest.